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The 2016 Public Service season is underway. Please see our events schedule.

Cumulative QRP Contest 2016

Having run our Lantern Battery Challenge for several years, we are trying a variation this year. The 2016 NVARC Cumulative QRP Contest ran from 1 January to 23 June (the Thursday before Field Day). Read the full description of this new event.

23 June 2016
This contest ended today at 0001Z. Logs can be submitted up to July 31, 2016. Paper logs and computer logs or a combination thereof can be submitted. There is no scoring sheet but each log sheet should indicate the single class you have picked plus the power class and power source. Log sheets from DX contests or other contests should be clearly annotated to show what contacts are QRP. Any logs without an annotation will be presumed to be QRO contacts. Send all logs in electronic format to <cqrpc at n1nc.org> or send paper logs to W1JHR, PO Box 218, Harvard, MA 01451.


The Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club (NVARC) was formed in Groton, Massachusetts, in the spring of 1992 and has grown from the original 13 founders to over 60 members. While our membership is centered in the towns of Groton and Pepperell, Massachusetts, our membership includes residents from many communities in north central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

The purpose of NVARC is to facilitate the exchange of information and general cooperation relating to Amateur Radio and to conduct club programs and activities to advance the interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the general community. For more information on public service events utilizing Amateur Radio please visit the PSLIST page. The FoxFinder, described in April 2001 QST, is a project of several NVARC members. The Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club also sponsors the Worked All Massachusetts Counties Award.

We have participated in the ARISS program by providing communications for the Hawthorne Brook Middle School to talk to the International Space Station November of 2005. The club organizes radio support for several public service events in our local area. We regularly participate in Field Day; see photos from Field Day 2006. In 2009 we created a new activity to challenge members; the NVARC Lantern Battery Challenge©.

NVARC is a Special Service Club of the ARRL, the US national association for Amateur Radio. Special Service Clubs are actively involved in new Ham development and training, public relations, emergency communications, technical advancement, and operating activities. One of our non-radio activities is the 2 mile stretch of route 119 in Groton and Pepperell along which we pick up trash monthly as part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Adopt-A-Highway program. A sign at the east end of our section provides constant publicity.


NVARC meets the third Thursday of each month except July and August at the Pepperell Community Center. Occasionally a meeting is relocated to the Pepperell Lawrence Library when another event is using the Community Center. The Signal will usually announce when this is the case, as will the Library event calendar. The meetings start at 7:30 PM. The meetings are social with a guest speaker or program for each meeting.


NVARC members have engaged in several special projects to benefit the Amateur Radio Community. Materials are available on this site for:

NVARC also hosts the Web site for the Central Mass 2 Meter (traffic) Net as of April 2007.


The club provides its monthly newsletter the Signal and yearbook to all members. While the club does mail some printed newsletters to members, as exchanges with other clubs, and to ARRL officials, we encourage interested readers to take advantage of the electronic version.


NVARC welcomes all persons with an interest in Amateur Radio. Yearly membership dues are $15 for an individual and $20 for a family and include the monthly newsletter either electronically or in printed form mailed to you. To join fill out a membership application and submit it to our Treasurer with your dues at a monthly meeting or send it to NVARC, PO Box 900, Pepperell, MA. 01463. In November 2008 the Board initiated a recognition program to acknowledge contributions of individual Club members in achieving the 5 principles of the Amateur Radio Service.


President Stan Pozerski, KD1LE
Vice President Jim Hein, N8VIM
Secretary John Griswold, KK1X
Treasurer Ralph Swick, KD1SM
Director Ed Snapp, N1YFK
Director Rod Hersh, WA1TAC
Director Jim Wilber, AB1WQ


Newsletter Editor Stan Pozerski, KD1LE
Public Information Officer Roland Guilmet, NR1G
Emergency Coordinator Larry Swezey, W1ESR
Librarian Peter Nordberg, N1ZRG
Property Master John Griswold, KK1X
Awards Manager John Griswold, KK1X

N1NC Trustee Bruce Blain, K1BG


NVARC has created a brochure, "Amateur Radio: Hobby of a Lifetime and a Public Service", intended to explain to non-Hams some of the reasons why Amateur Radio is an important part of the community.

"Amateur Radio: Getting the message through for your family and community" describes the role of Amateur Radio in emergency communications. Real-world stories include the contribution of Amateur Radio volunteers in the Katrina relief operation.

The Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Section and Western Massachusetts ARRL Section Web sites provide information from and about the local ARRL field organization, including public service and club activities.

For materials on getting an Amateur Radio license, visit "How to get started in Amateur Radio". A list of upcoming exam sessions in CT, MA, and NH will help you find a convenient testing session when you are ready.

The New England Division Public Service List contains upcoming requests for Amateur Radio volunteers for community events including marathons, road races, and parades.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training.

Webmaster, nvarc_n1nc at n1nc.org
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