<<Index    Groton Road Race 2003. Pictures by Scott Pyles

  After-a After-b After-c  
  After-a KA1JVU, KK1X (then KB1HDO), KD1LE, KB1ESR After-c

  P4260001 P4270002 P4270003  
  KB1ESR, KD1SM, KD1LE P4270002 P4270003

  P4270007 P4270008 P4270009  
  P4270007 KB1ESR with Lt. Rooney P4270009

  P4270010 P4270014 P4270015  
  P4270010 NCS KA1JVU, KK1X (ex KB1HDO), KD1LE, KB1ESR

  P4270016 P4270019 P4270020  
  KA1JVU, KK1X P4270019 P4270020

  P4270021 kd1le-b kd1sm-b  
  KD1SM kd1le-b kd1sm-b

  p4270005 p4270006 p4270011  
  p4270005 W1XP p4270011

  p4270012 p4270017 p4270018  
  p4270012 KD1LE, KB1ESR NCS

  w1xp-b w1xp-c  
  w1xp-b w1xp-c

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