NVARC In Memoriam

Dale Sinclair AB1GA

NVARC member Dale AB1GA became a silent key on October 30, 2012. We remember Dale as a gregarious fellow who enjoyed everything technical. Dale and his wife Sara were regulars at the informal Saturday morning breakfast meetings at a local diner where his booming laugh filled the room. In our 2006 Field Day photo gallery is a photo of Dale doing one of the things he enjoyed.

Jim Hanson W1TRC

NVARC member Jim W1TRC became a silent key on February 8 2010. We extend our sympathies to his wife, Wilma, and their family. Jim was born in Concord and raised in Maynard. While in college at Northeastern University he enlisted in ROTC and served in the US Army. Jim worked for Raytheon as an engineer for over 47 years before his retirement. As a radar systems specialist he worked on many projects including the Patriot Missile System and was awarded many patents. He was an active Amateur Radio operator for 60 years and had over 320 countries in DXCC. Jim also served on the Planning Board for the Town of Maynard for 15 years. Read Jim's full obiturary from the Acton Funeral Home Web site.

Den Connors KD2S

Our friend and fellow NVARC member Den KD2S became a silent key on 3 September 2009. We extend our sympathies to Rosemary, Chris, and Mandy. Read the ARRL news item, Den's journal of the progression of his lymphoma, his obituary, and an article in the Lowell Sun about his contributions to the Town of Pepperell.

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