Space Station Questions from Hawthorne Brook Middle School

  1. Nick A: I'm going to be an astrobiologist when I grow up. Are you doing any experiments about life in space or on other planets?
  2. Kristen: Can the space station help identify natural disasters on earth before they happen?
  3. Sarah: Does food going down your throat feel different in a weightless environment? What about liquids?
  4. Carly: Knowing the risk of being in space, what makes you want to go back?
  5. Brittany: What would happen if an astronaut got seriously sick when up in space?
  6. Kaitlyn: Do you think that going to the space station will change your life or your view of certain things?
  7. Matt: Do you get scared when you liftoff into outer space? If so, what do you do to control your fears?
  8. Brandon: Are sound waves different on the space station, for example radio, music, musical instruments?
  9. Carrie: What does it feel like to be 2 inches taller as soon as you get into space?
  10. Nick I: What's it like being in a space suit?
  11. Devin: What is a flame like in zero gravity?
  12. Rachel: Where do you get the oxygen that you breathe on the space station?
  13. Nadia: How do you navigate in outer space?
  14. Allison: What part of your daily routine do you enjoy most?
  15. Josh: If the space station moves over 17,000 mph then why does it look like its going slow when we see it on television?
  16. Margaret: When you're up in the space station, alone, looking out the window, what is it that looks the most beautiful to you and how does it inspire you?
  17. Janna: What do you do for fun on the International space Station?
  18. Lauren: Does the space station remain in one place or does it orbit around the earth?
  19. Katie: Do colors on earth look the same from the space station?
  20. Max: On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable is it when you are sleeping and why?