NVARC Public Service Event

2007 Field Day

Amateur Radio Field Day is an annual nationwide emergency communications exercise and contest conducted over a 24-hour period on the fourth full weekend of June.

The 2007 Field Day dates are June 23 and 24.

The NVARC Field Day site is the apple orchard owned by the Pepperell Conservation Commission on Heald Street. The entrance is a gate on Heald Street at the west side of the orchard.

For information about other groups' Field Day activities, consult the EMA Section Field Day page.

Map to Heald Street Field Day site

Heald Street Orchard Gate

above: Sign at Heald Street Orchard gate.

Portable tower at sunset

above: sunset illuminates clouds, moon, and the 20 meter beam at 60 feet. KD1SM photo.

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