NVARC Public Service Event

2007 Parker Road Race

The 2007 Parker Road Race was held on May 20. NVARC has been supporting this event with communications assistance since 1998. See 1999 newsletter with photos.

Tom K1JHC, Gary K1YTS, Larry KB1ESR, Nancy KB1KEF, Stan KD1LE, Ralph KD1SM, John KK1X, and Joel W1JMM supported this event. There were no medical or serious safety incidents.

The radio operators briefing materials were:

NB: Meet at the parking lot near the corner of Antietam and macArthur between 0900 and 0930.
The 2 mile race starts at 1000.
The 5 mile race starts at 1100.

For more race information, see the Parker Road Race and Springfest site.

Stan Pozerski, KD1LE
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