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2008 Memory Ride for Alzheimers Research

The event was a huge success. See more photos of the ride. Laura Goldberg expresses her huge appreciation to all of the volunteers: Gary Busler K1YTS, Tom Duffy K1JHC, John Griswold KK1X, Bob Johnson AB1CV, Dave Odess KB1MVN, Stan Pozerski KD1LE, and Ross Chapman KB1MGD., Mark Rubin WB1ARZ, John Ruggiero N2YHK, and Larry Swezey KB1ESR, Ralph Swick KD1SM, and Darryl Wagoner WA1GON.

Century start

Above: Century riders prepare to start. [kd1sm photo]

Metric Century Start

Above: Metric Century riders at the starting line. [kd1sm photo]

Stan KD1LE at Net Control

Above: Net Control, with Stan KD1LE, Carolyn, and Jeff. [kd1sm photo]

Stan KD1LE

Above: Stan KD1LE at Net Control. [kd1sm photo]


Above: Net Control from the operating positions. [kd1sm photo]

For further information, contact Ralph Swick KD1SM.

The North Central Amateur Radio community has been asked to provide logistics and emergency communication support for a 100-mile bicycle ride through the towns of Ayer, Shirley, Harvard, Lancaster, Bolton, Berlin, Boylston, Sterling, Pepperell, Groton, and Hollis NH on Saturday, July 26. There are 14 positions to be filled, including both mobile and fixed locations.

This event is a bicycle ride consisting of 3 groups of riders. One group will follow a 100-mile route ("Century"), the second group a 62-mile route ("Metric Century"), and the third group a 25-mile route. Each route starts and finishes at Devens. The routes overlap for most of their length. The Pit Stop numbers below are for the 100-mile route. Pit Stop 1A is only on the 62- and 25-mile routes.

The following positions require radio operators:

Assignments - Subject to change
Tactical Name Location Op Name Op Call Start End Notes
Carolyn (Event Coordinator) Devens Stan KD1LE 0545 1600 (will swap in and out of NCS)
Medical 1 (Alan) roving John KK1X 0545 1600
Medical 2 (Amy&Chris) roving - - 0545 1600
NCS/Start/Finish Devens Ralph KD1SM 0530 1630 (will swap in and out of Carolyn shadow)
Pit Stop 1 Berlin John N2YHK 0600 0845
Pit Stop 1A Bolton Tom K1JHC 0815 1245 "Pit Stop 1" for the 62-mile and 25-mile routes
Pit Stop 2 Sterling Mark WB1ARZ 0730 1015
Pit Stop 3 Shirley Bob AB1CV 0830 1200 a.k.a. "Pit Stop 2" for the 62-mile route
Pit Stop 4 Hollis NH Gary K1YTS 0930 1315 a.k.a. "Pit Stop 3" for the 62-mile route
Pit Stop 5 S.Nashua Darryl WA1GON 1030 1415 a.k.a. "Pit Stop 4" for the 62-mile route
Susan (Pit Stop Coordinator) roving Larry KB1ESR 0545 1600
Support 1 (Dave) roving Dave KB1MVN 0545 1600
Support 2 (Ross) roving Ross KB1MGD 0545 1600
Support 3 (Jennifer&Kevin) roving - - 0545 1600

Pit Stop Operators

You may proceed directly to your assignments, no need to meet at Devens.

All operators at pit stops should wear an orange or lime safety vest for identification purposes. The ideal vest will say "Radio" or "Radio Communications". If you have an orange cap please wear it. You should be able to use your mobile radio in your vehicle. Please arrange a parking location with the leader of your pit stop so that you are easily accessible to the pit stop personnel and to your vehicle. Most of the pits stops are not in HT range of the repeaters. Pit Stop messages will include updates on the volunteer status (e.g. missing volunteers) and reporting the arrival of the first riders.

Roving Operators

Please meet your assignments at the Museum Field parking lot in Devens. The parking lot is on Antietam Street between Sherman and MacArthur Avenues.

All roving operators will need to bring a magmount antenna, mobile radio, and battery power sufficient for the day. You will be riding in other event volunteers' vehicles. Support vehicle messages will include requests to transport riders unable to finish. Medical vehicle messages will be requests for non-emergency first-aid. Riders will be instructed to call 911 in an emergency and then, if possible, to call NCS (by phone).

Frequency Plan

There will be a single controlled Net for the event. We will try to have everyone on a single repeater (F1) though some parts of the course may require using an alternate (F2). F3 is available for those who have the capability; it will also cover most of the course, depending on the mobile antennas used.

F1 Primary 146.970 Mhz, - offset, PL 114.8 with thanks to CMARA
F2 Backup 147.315 MHz, + offset, PL 100 with thanks to WB1EWS
F3 Alternate 53.890 MHz, - offset, PL 100 with thanks to N1MNX

Precise Pit Stop Locations:

Pit Stop 1
St. Joseph's Church, Berlin; intersection of Carter St. and Route 62 (West St.)
Pit Stop 1A
Broomfield Industries, Routes 110 & 117 (west side of route 110, 100 meters north of 117, below road level)
Pit Stop 2
Rota Springs Ice Cream Stand, Sterling; Chace Hill Road (1.2 miles north of 110)
Pit Stop 3
Bull Run Restaurant, Route 2A, Shirley
Pit Stop 4
Hollis Veterinary Clinic, Route 122 (0.1 mi north of Route 130)
Pit Stop 5
Rail Trail parking lot, Rte 111A at Depot Road (Hollis/Nashua line)
Museum Field, Devens

Additional details for participants are available on the event site.

R. Swick, KD1SM
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