NVARC Public Service Event

2015 Groton Road Race

This is the 24th year of the Groton Road Race. NVARC has been providing radio communications support to this event since year 3; this is our 22nd year.

Race Director Chris Russell extends huge thanks to the Amateur Radio operators for once again providing vital communications support for this event.

Preliminary radio operator assignments (also by callsign) are now posted.

Ham operators should read the Amateur Radio Operator Briefing Sheets prior to race day. Printed copies will be available at NCS on race day.

All operators will wear an orange or lime safety vest for identification purposes. The ideal vest will say "Radio" or "Radio Communications". If you have an orange cap please bring it. We will have orange vests for anyone who does not have their own.

Assignment Times

see briefing document for additional details

09:00 Parking crew starts
09:30 Shadows for Race Officials start
10:30 Police Briefing
11:00 Parking communications secure and relocate to course positions
11:20 All course operators on-station for 5k and 10k


There are three NETs for the event:

Organizational net F1: 147.500 Mhz simplex
Course health and safety net   F2: 147.345 MHz, + offset, PL 100 (N1MNX, Pepperell)
Parking net F3: 145.550 MHz simplex

Other materials you should review include:

Additional information about the race is available from the Groton Road Race site.

You may also wish to browse photos from the 2003 race, the 2006 race, and the 2007 race.

R. Swick, KD1SM
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