Requesting Use of the NVARC Call Sign for NPOTA Operation

  1. With as much notice as possible (but no less than 12 hours), any NVARC member wishing to use the Club call sign N1NC for National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) operation should notify via email the club license trustee, K1BG of his/her intent to activate the club call. This email must include the following statement:
    I acknowledge and agree to the following legal requirements: Participants in the National Parks on the Air event do so at their own risk. I acknowledge that some risk is involved with any portable Amateur Radio operation. I agree to take all safety precautions, including, but not limited to: avoiding power lines; following all rules and regulations of the National Park Service (NPS) and instructions of NPS staff; choosing an operating site wisely; avoiding interactions with wildlife; not disturbing other guests of NPS Administrative Units; and by making an honest self-appraisal of my personal condition before undertaking portable Amateur Radio operation from an NPS Unit. NVARC, ARRL and the National Park Service assume no liability for my participation in the National Parks on the Air event and I agree to assume all risk and liability for damage to personal property and injury to persons that may result from my operation, and to hold NPS, NVARC, and ARRL harmless therefrom.
  2. Any member who activates N1NC for a NPOTA operation must read and be fully aware of the conditions set forward in the National Parks on the Air Activator's Guide.
  3. All logs for contacts using the club's N1NC call sign should be submitted to the club trustee, K1BG (QRZ@blainfamily.com) as soon as possible after the operation. Logs can be in either an ADIF or Cabrillo format. N1MM+ database format will also be accepted.
  4. Use of the N1NC call sign does not confer any operating privileges. You must operate in accordance with your license class.

KD1LE 24 July 2016 9:42 AM