The NVARC Property Manager has the responsibility for maintaining a list of Club property.

last updated July 16, 2020

Callsign Name Count Property Description
KD1SM Ralph Swick 29 Safety vests
KD1SM Ralph Swick 1 NVARC banner 3'x5'
KK1X John Griswold 1 Badge punch
KK1X John Griswold 1 Badge laminator
AB1WQ Jim Wilber 1 Cushcraft R-7 antenna
K1BG Bruce Blain 4 Code Practice Oscillator
K1BG Bruce Blain 1 meeting projection screen
KD1SM Ralph Swick n NVARC mug inventory
K1BG Bruce Blain 1 Astron RS-35M power supply SN 9506184 - needs new custodian
W1PJE Phil Erickson 1 Kenwood TS-451 Transceiver SN 61000025
AB1WQ Jim Wilber n Field Day Notebooks
N8VIM Jim Hein 1 Master Lock 175D

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