Worked All


Counties Award

WAMC Certificate


To encourage communications between Amateur Radio operators outside of Massachusetts and Amateurs throughout Massachusetts



  1. Any licensed Amateur Radio operator may qualify for this award by contacting licensed Amateur Radio stations in all fourteen Massachusetts counties.

  2. Within the US, all contacts must be made from within the same county. From outside the US, contacts must be made from within the same country.

  3. Contacts utilizing terrestrial repeaters / digipeaters are not permitted. Satellite contacts are permitted.

  4. All contacts must be made using valid Amateur Radio bands and modes.

  5. Contacts prior to December 21, 1620 are not permitted.

  6. The rulings of the Awards Committee are final.



List QSO calls, dates, and counties worked on the application form. Have two other unrelated Amateurs witness that they have confirmed the validity of the contacts.



A certificate signed by a member of the NVARC Awards Committee.



There is a US$5 fee for the certificate to cover the club's printing and mailings costs. DX stations, please include US$6.



Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 900
Pepperell, MA 01463

Attn: WAMC